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Are you feeling lost and lacking direction with the current COVID-19 situation?

Would you like help with your exercise routine so you can get back to feeling and looking your best, from the inside out?

It’s really hard times at the moment but I’d like to help. Book a time today to chat with me for 20 minutes about your situation.

Completely FREE and completely no obligation 🙏

This can be via video call or regular phone call.

At that point, if you feel comfortable I can visit you at home or meet you in a local park to help take you through a safe and effective exercise routine.

This session can include more conventional exercises (body-weight/gymnastics) that you see in a gym or you might prefer to try some yoga? Or maybe a mix of both? 

I cater to both of these modalities as well as offering advanced Nutrition Coaching and General Well-being Coaching.

Following our initial session, I can then become a resource to use as much or as little as you like or need.

Prices for sessions will be as follows and please note that due to the COVID situation I have lowered these rates significantly to make my services more affordable for more people 🙌


1 Hour – $45

45m – $35

30m – $25


Contactless payment can be arranged and all proper sanitation practices will take place, including hand sanitising, wearing of face mask, and cleaning of equipment. I will bring all equipment required for your session. All you need to bring is yourself in some comfortable clothing, plus maybe a drink bottle and a towel 👌


Lots of love everybody, I hope you are keeping safe and well and I look forward to catching up with you soon 💪
Thank you for supporting this local family business 🙏

Ash Bedford (CEO and Founder)


My name is Ash Bedford and I’m a Fitness Professional with over 10 years experience. I created Zazen Fitness to provide exceptional services to those who feel overwhelmed by exercise and confused about how to manage their wellbeing. I am currently taking on new Personal Training clients. I lived and worked in Melbourne for 10 years before moving back home to Ballarat in April 2019. I am available for consultation regarding fitness, nutrition and well-being, so please send me an email if you’d like to have a chat.

My philosophy is to make exercise enjoyable, teach people how to master the basics, learn to breathe correctly and efficiently and teach people what good posture is and what that feels like.

The outcomes I have seen from my clients in the last decade are an enormous increase in vitality, wellbeing, strength and balance with a decrease in physical aches and pain as well as improved mental health capacity and mental clarity.

I find my work extremely rewarding and am extremely passionate about all things fitness, health and wellbeing.

When I am not at work I enjoy getting outside in nature and spending time with my family, I have 2 young kids (1 x age 4 and 1 x 6 month old) and a beautiful wife. We live on the outskirts of Ballarat on a good sized block, where I grow a large amount of organic produce, which feeds and nourishes my family. I love getting down the surf coast when I can to get a few waves, and simply spending time tending to the garden. In between all of this, when time permits, I love being social and catching up for coffee with like minded people, partaking in regular volunteer work in the community, lots of reading and setting some time aside for my own yoga and meditation practice.


  • • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
  • • Cert III and IV Fitness (Personal Training)
  • • Cert IV Allied Health Professional
  • • Qualified Yoga Teacher (270hr)
  • • Qualified Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)



1on1 Personal Training (at home)

An Individualised training service focusing on your specific goals. I come to your home.

1on1 Private Yoga

Keen to master your Yoga Practice? I can show you how to loosen up your body and feel young again.

Nutrition and Wellbeing Coaching

Private Coaching to help you eat, feel and live better.

Book Your Limited time special offer Today

Let’s get the ball rolling by having an open and honest chat with where you’re currently at. 

Often, the act of reaching out can spark new motivation and energy, and before you know it you will be well on the way to creating some much needed momentum towards a better life for yourself and your family. 

20 Minute phone chat



‘Training with Ash has been a truly fantastic experience and I can safely say he is the best trainer I have worked with. I was repetitively injuring myself through poor management until I started with Ash.
He worked closely with my physiotherapist to design a program that allowed me to build up a powerful strength base, leaving me feeling fitter and more confident in my body than I had been since my early 20's. My sessions were always dynamic and interesting and would always leave me feeling uplifted and satisfied. I highly recommend Ash's services to anyone.
Nick Gawler
Project Manager, NAB
"Training with Ash was extremely important for my sanity when I first moved to Australia 2 years ago. Originally from Brazil, I started doing 1on1 training in the first month I arrived. I was a little bit down because of the relocation and lots of change. I had no family here and no support and it was hard with just me, my 6 month old baby and my husband. Ash had such great energy and positivity which helped me to balance myself and stay calm during stressful times. I am so grateful that I found Ash when I did. With my next move to New York it’s going to be really difficult to find someone who lives up to the same high standards."
Graziela Gulin
"Ash is amazing! From the very first session my goals were very carefully considered and my abilities assessed thoroughly. As a result I saw a huge difference in my strength and control. Every session is specifically planned for me but also flexible to how my body is on that day, and it's fun! Ash constantly assesses how I'm feeling during and after sessions. He is so positive and encouraging- I love it! Never pushy, just calmly guiding me in the direction my training needs to go. As a physiotherapist, I can highly recommend Ash for his expertise and knowledge, calm but fun attitude to training and specific attention to the mind-body connection."
Janetta Macfarlane
"Since training with Ash twice a week, my overall strength has significantly improved! My sessions are always varied so I never know what to expect and I don’t get bored. Ash is always mindful of my abilities, however each session brings something challenging! Ash is also mindful of my wellbeing and tailors each session accordingly. I would highly recommend Ash, especially if you’re looking for a kick start and motivation. I leave each session feeling upbeat and positive! I now supplement my training with aquatic exercise and pilates, and compared to a few months ago, have more energy and self-awareness."
Helen Johanson
"I have been training with Ash for a number of years now and I really enjoy it. I love the flexibility that the sessions provide. The ability to go with the flow and to spin on a dime. I love it when I need a session that is a bit more restorative, instead of intensive, Ash is able to adjust the way he sees the session running. Attention to form and technique is extremely high. As a chiropractor, someone who is interested in form and wellbeing assurance, I love the Ash's approach.
Damian Kristof


5 Minute at home Yoga Session

This video guides you through the Sun Salutations (Series A) which is a critical foundation for your Yoga practice.

10 Minute at Home Workout

Try this at home, all you need is a yoga mat

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Zazen Fitness

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How to do pushups for beginners (1 minute video)

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Zazen Fitness

New video upload on learning how to squat with correct form.

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9 months ago

Zazen Fitness

In English, the word Zazen translates to “Meditative Discipline” and originates from the ancient practice of Zen Buddhism 🙏

Exercise is a discipline and also requires a lot of discipline 💪

We offer a solution to those who feel overwhelmed by exercise 👌

By trusting us you will feel confident, be engaged and enjoy the time you spend exercising 🙌

You’ll know that you are in safe hands with a knowledgeable and experienced trainer 🙋‍♂️

And you will be gently guided in the direction you need to go, whilst being slowly educated over time so you can become a master of your own body 🏃‍♀️

Therefore no longer needing our services 😂

It’s a terrible business model but a lovely way to live 😃

We love what we do 💚

Join us

Connect with us today ✌️

Thank you for supporting this local family business 🙏
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